L-Shaped Kitchens with a central island- more popular and adaptable kitchen layouts

One of today’s more popular and adaptable kitchen layouts, the L shape with a central island is great for today’s multipurpose kitchens.It is efficient for small and medium-sized kitchens.This layout requires only two adjacent walls.

It minimises the flow of foot traffic and no obstacles in work flow. L-shaped arrangement offers the most flexibility with its separated zones such as: one leg of L-shaped counter is devoted to clean up zone, the other one for stove, microwave and oven and  Rest surfaces can enable for extra preparation areas. These zones help to avoid collisions between household members.

It has disadvantages if have multiple cooks and the kitchen is large.


A floor Plan


1) Great Working Triangle:- The efficient kitchens are designed while considering the working triangle because it improves flexibility to move between refrigerators, sink, and cook top. In L-shaped kitchens, the working spaces around two different walls are promoted by the working triangle.

2) Effective for smaller kitchens: Generally, the smaller kitchens are narrow and have less space because it has two counters on the opposite sides.it is a perfect idea to convert your kitchen into an L-shaped one. It will make your kitchen more spacious and improve the movements around the space.

3) Great to use this layout where dining area is combined with kitchen.

4) It makes the process of cooking and cleaning easier.

5) Kitchen Islands work well in “L- shaped” : This layout can be transformed or modified easily by adding a Kitchen Island as work space or turning it as quick meal by adding chairs.

6) it’s easy to renovate.


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