Lawn -Basic feature of any garden.


A lawn is an area where grass is grown as a green carpet for a landscape and is the basic feature of any garden.

When choosing the best lawn variety, first select grasses that will thrive in your local environment and specific site conditions (sun, shade, etc.) From these choices, pick one that will best suit the needs of your whole family, including children, adults and pets.

The most important factor to consider in selecting a lawn grass is its ability to survive the intended use of the yard. The first consideration is sunlight. Also have to consider whether you want to plant grass seed or have sod (surface of the earth, with the grass and roots that are growing in it.)installed for an instant lawn.

Plants grown in shade conditions are

1) St. Augustine grass or Buffalo grass.
2) Mexican Lawn Grass.
3) Blue grass.
4) Paspalum grass

Plants grown in open sunny situation are

1) Hariyali or Arugu or Doob or Durva
2) Bermuda grass (or) Hyderabad grass
3) Kikuyu grass


Buffalo Grass:- Requires frequent watering.An attractive feature of Buffalo grass is the fact that it’s rather durable, and easy to grow and maintain.Buffalo grass does well in both summer and winter, and is adept at handling the extremes brought by all times of year. It also has self-repairing qualities, making it ideal for high-traffic situations such as a family yard.
Mexican Lawn Grass  :-Is a shade loving grass variety. It can be planted only in lawns which have mature trees stopping the sunlight to reach the grass.
Hariyali or Arugu or Doob or Durva:– is a sturdy grass. It prefers a very sunny location and is drought resistant.

Bermuda grass:-needs mowing. It looks more dense due to shorter inter nodes. This makes it look very dense and carpet like. This also a warm season grass and is low maintenance. They can be grown from their seeds but are prone to insects.
Bluegrass:- Suitable for acid soils and suitable for higher elevations. Also thrives in cool temperature. It needs less maintenance and suitable for sports activities. They are dense and deep bluish or bright blue green in colour.
Paspalum grass:- has broad leaves, appropriate for semi shady locations. It needs less maintenance but looks coarse.
Kikuyu grass:-Requires minimal lawn care to remain healthy, and grows and repairs quickly. In fact, Kikuyu has always been the number one choice for any lawn areas which are expected to be under heavy wear and tear conditions throughout its life, as this grass repairs itself quicker than almost any other grass.


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