Rosewood Vs Teak

Rosewood is more expensive than teak. Rosewood is a precious and expensive wood, and it’s now endangered. The raw material of rosewood is listed under CITES on Appendix I, so international trade in these materials is banned. Finished products made from the timber are not.

Both the woods have different kinds of qualities as they originate from different trees. Rose woods are rough and stronger, but they can be made excellent if worked upon it. Teak is much lighter and stronger. Also Teak is cheaper than rosewood, therefore highly preferred.

Teak for Outdoor Furniture

Teak’s incredible decay resistance is mostly attributable to the wood’s high oil content. While other woods share teak’s high decay resistance, few are as abundant, workable, and lightweight as teak. The low weight of teak is especially important for its use on outdoor furniture.

Rosewood for Indoor Furniture

Rosewood is able to take polish very well. This gives rosewood a more finished look.


Rose Wood


Rosewood refers to the wood of different trees,Rosewood is essentially a type of hardwood. Rosewood is named as such due to the fact that the older trees have a very sweet and rich aroma, which is reminiscent of roses. This is especially true for the Brazilian or Rio rosewood.
furniture made from rosewood can be left unfinished due to the rosewood’s natural color, lightly waxed, or heavily varnished and polished, as rosewood is able to take polish very well. This gives rosewood a more finished look.

Rosewood is best known for its dark brownish and/or reddish hue with darker veining. The rose wood has close, dense grain, which makes it strong and durable. Hence, the wood is used for making furniture, especially cabinets. The use of rosewood to make furniture date back hundreds of years, with many examples of antique rosewood furniture being available for viewing in museums today. Some types of rosewood, such as Honduran rosewood, have an excellent resonance that makes them ideal for musical instruments like guitars, pianos and marimbas. Rosewood is also used to make handles, flooring, billiard cues, chess pieces, etc. In fact, handles made of rosewood resist shrinkage and are long-lasting.

Teak Wood



As a wood, teak has a smooth grain and texture. It has a yellowish brown hue, which may mature overtime to a silvery-grey finish. In fact, teak is famous for its high oil content, high tensile strength and tight grain. Due to the high oil content, teak is known to durable even when it is not treated with oil or varnish. Teak is also resistant to timber termite and other pests. It also has a low shrinkage ratio, which means that the wood can be used in areas with high or fluctuating moisture content.

Teak is often used to make furniture, especially counter tops, as well as indoor flooring, veneer, carving, turnings, and other small wood projects, such as cutting boards. Teak is also commonly used to make doors, window frames, and columns and beams.

Furthermore, because of its high oil content, it is also often used to make outdoor furniture, as the wood’s natural oils make it resistant to water, as well as to rot, fungi and mildew. This has also allowed teak to be used for boat building, boat decks, etc.



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